Whale Watching tours in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Whale Watching tours

Are you looking for the best place for Whale Watching tours on Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia. Then look no further! Whale watching tour companies generally operate between May and October. Excursions can be booked on a variety of boats including, rigid hull zodiacs, or passenger cruise vessels. 

Pleasant Bay Whale Watching, .We at Pleasant Bay Whale watching  like to focus on fun,laughter and comfort. We are primarily a whale watching tour

Captain Mark's Whale and Seal Cruise
Offering whale watching tours off the coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia since 1994. Thousands of visitors and residents have been introduced to the wonderful world of whales

Captain Mark's Whale and Seal Cruise
For the more adventurous, our 2 zodiac vessels are known for having close encounters. Whale sightings are guaranteed!


Guaranteed Whales, formally Wesley's Whale Watching
Close-up encounters with whales, for awesome photo opportunities, Knowledgeable and friendly staff, (seasick aids) if required. Hydrophone equipped to hear whales sing! Underwater camera, to watch whales under the water! .

Limbo Cove Whale Excursions
Our high success rate with whale sightings allows us to offer a money back guarantee. If nature doesn’t cooperate, we’ll gladly refund your money!

Cabot Trail Nova Scotia

A real-life encounter with whales is an unforgettable experience, and with more than 16 species roaming the waters

Get up close and personal with camera hogs like the humpback, known for launching its 36-tonne body up and out of the water for playful breaching; the endangered North Atlantic right whale, with an estimated population of just 350; the blue whale, the largest animal on earth at 25m and 100 tonnes; and the pilot whale, which often approaches boats and shows off with acrobatics.